You’ll find the best keto electrolyte drink recipe here, you have time to get it! Never smoked before not even in college. Then I came back from serving as a gunner in Iraq my head was very messed up and I was very depressed. I took countless different anxity and depression meds from the VA nothing helped. I was drinking a bottle and a half of vodka or whiskey a day and never left the house. I was introduced to it by an old veteran who did a few tours.
Smoking a good jointWhen I played in the best deposit £1 casino bonus uk I didnt even want to drink and was at least mildly happy. I bought a volcano vaporizor and make excellect marijuana choc chip cookies that work so much better than the handfull of meds the gov gave to me. When I drank i was violent, when I had some form of thc however I was in a good mood and much more social. It only takes a bit of soil and sun for this plant of god to make a big differance in my life. 700 dollars for a 30 day supply of pills. WTF? Please do not judge the plant until you understand it and look into why after thousands of years of cultures having no problem with it the gov banned it for pretty much BS reasons brought on by a very few powerful people. Even if only for recreation whats so bad about a simple PLANT that could be a free or even taxable substace that makes the user happy? How many people smoke and are violent?

Yes there are people that party hard and happen to use it sometimes giving it a bad name. Yes a percetage of people who use it are not the most desirible but they are also the ones who have no problem braking the law to begin with so lets not base all users off of a few of socitys losers from the start. There are so many great experances recreationly that this plant will bring. Who would you rather be next to at a concert the happy stoned guy or the one who is drinking alcohol? Personly never a bad experance with a stoned person drunk however is a totally differt story. Any couple who has never has a little green than made love is missing out on a wonderful experance. And why is marijuana a scedule 1 drug with highly additive properties and no medical value when the active compond found only in marijuana is the main substance in marinol a schedule 3 drug with low chance of addiction and a medical value? Once again WTF.